1863 Roper Steam Carriage Replica

There is a 1864 Roper Steam Carriage in the Henry Ford Museum, but this black and white photo also from the museum shows the original 1863 Roper Steam Carriage.

Wild Bill Eggers has handcrafted a museum quality recreation of the 1863 Roper Steam Carriage.

Known as a Steam Car of the Civil War Days, this is the first of three carriages made by Sylvester H. Roper in 1863. Coal-fired, the steam pressure was around 15 – 20 pounds. The carriage has no brakes. It is slowed down by the cutting of steam to the pistons, just like in locomotives.


1867 Roper Steam Velocipede Replica


The original 1867 Roper Steam Velocipede is in the Smithsonian, but this hand-crafted custom replica is currently available for sale. Ideal for museums and private collectors. Call for pricing.